92 News on Paksat 1R at 38.0°East New Frequency 2021

92 News on Paksat 1R at 38.0°East New TP 2021

92 News HD Live
Satellite : Paksat 1R at 38.0°East
Frequency : 4023 V 5700 3/5
DVB-S2 8PSK MPEG-4 HD 1080

92 News (also known as 92 News HD Plus (Channel 92) is a conservative Urdu language TV channel based in Lahore, Pakistan. Mian Muhammad Hanif is the chairman of the channel.

This TV channel is a subsidiary of Madinah Group.


The channel’s name, 92, is to celebrate the 1992 Cricket World Cup won by Pakistan. The number 92 is also the telephone country calling code of Pakistan, which is another major reason behind the channel’s name.

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